Eroding the power from within: activist communication (3)

In an earlier post I talked about a movement within the Dutch National Police, in which I took part between 2013 and 2016. Not as a police woman, but as a ‘communication activist’. This movement, that in Dutch was called De Hark Voorbij (literally: Beyond the Rake, a reference to the common organisation chart of a top down organisation), was initiated by the police workers representative board and designed by DeLimes, a network of ‘organisation activists’, to help the police men and women rediscover how to have a say in their own work and in what they think is good policing.

As a part of the police movement, we discovered that this movement that we called a ‘slow emancipation movement’ needed another type of communication than the classic, top down corporate communication. It is what I call ‘activist communication’. A different style, a different approach and different methods. On October 28 I will give a workshop on activist communication at the BERLIN CHANGE DAYS, based on my experience at – among others – the Dutch National Police. In another post I talk about a number of driving principles of activist communication. Below, I talk about what that looked like for the police movement. Read more

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