Eroding the power from within: activist communication (2)

In the article I posted a few days ago I talked about Dutch police people, who between 2013 and 2016 stood up and formed a movement to reclaim their own profession, judgement and space to do their work properly. In a hierarchy growing fiercer by the day.

This movement of emancipating professionals, as we called them, naturally wanted to spread the word and communicate with the people in- and outside the movement. This called for a different kind of communication than the classic, top down corporate communication, we discovered. We called it ‘activist communication’. On October 28, I will give a workshop on activist communication at the BERLIN CHANGE DAYS, based on my experience at – among others – the Dutch National Police.

In this blog post I will go deeper into activist communication and the driving principles. In the next post – my last in this series – I will describe in more detail what activist communication at the police looked like. Read more

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