Eroding the power from within: activist communication (1)

Get a load of this: in The Netherlands, a police officer isn’t allowed to choose the partner he is teamed up with in the police car. He has no say in the choice of partner who might or might not save his life, in a life or death situation. Fortunately, in the police and in many other organisations, professionals are standing up and forming movements to reclaim their own professionalism, judgement and space to do their work properly.

These movements naturally want to spread the word and communicate with the people in- and outside the movement. This calls for a different kind of communication than the classic, top down corporate communication. It is what I call ‘activist communication’. On October 28, I will give a workshop on activist communication at the BERLIN CHANGE DAYS, based on my experience at – among others – the Dutch National Police.

In this blog post I talk about my experience at the Dutch National Police. In the next post, that I will post in a couple of days, I will go deeper into activist communication and the driving principles. In my last post in this series, I will describe in more detail what activist communication at the police looked like. Read more

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